About  me

Hi, my name is Luca and i'm a Computer Science student from Germany. I am currently in my practical semester as software engineer in mobile and web development in Kotlin and Javascript. While learning how to code, i always wanted to create my own game. I was able to due so when i joined Team Solidarity and was part in developing Solitude AR. 

Besides programming, i am also a musician by heart. 



Hydroid is my first bigger project i have worked on. The idea is to create a free and open source app that helps you monitor your drinking bahaviour without getting spammed with ads every 5 minutes. You can select a time window where you want to be notified or if you want to be notified at all. You can also add weather or activities so your daily goal of hydration increases.
The App is fully written in Kotlin and only available for Android so far.

Solitude AR 

I became part of the development team of Solitude AR during an university project. The game was created by a student during his master thesis. the subject was to polish levels, add new characters/objects, improve the gamelogic and make it ready to participate in the Ubisoft Blue Byte Game Together 2022 Contest. 

The game is still being developed by Team Solidarity